Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry in Davidson NC

It’s more than just frustrating to have a broken, cracked, or chipped tooth. It can throw a wrench into your entire schedule. We have good news for you, though: you don’t have to deal with the pain and stress alone.

If you have a tooth crack, chip, or cavity, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can fix a wide range of problems with our many restorative dentistry treatments. We also provide safe composite resin dental fillings for patients with cavities.

Precautionary Measures to Take for a Broken or Cracked Tooth

Restorative dentistry patients can get help for a broken or cracked tooth in Mooresville.
If you have broken or cracked your tooth, there are a few steps you should take before visiting our office:

  1. Rinse the mouth gently with salt water. Save any pieces of the tooth you can find in a container with either milk or saline solution.
  2. Use over-the-counter pain medication if necessary.
  3. Cover any sharp or jagged edges of the teeth with dental wax or sugarless gum.
  4. Avoid using the damaged tooth.
  5. Give our office a call as soon as you can.

Our Restorative Dentistry Solutions for Damaged Teeth

If you have a chipped tooth or a cavity, we have quite a few effective solutions available to you.

Dental Bonding: Bonding uses a tooth-colored resin to shape and restore any cracks or chips. This resin is placed directly on the broken tooth, where it hardens into form. It only takes a few minutes in our office to restore a tooth with dental bonding.

Dental Fillings: Cavities happen to just about everyone. When they do, our dental fillings for teeth treatments are here for you. We can quickly get your teeth feeling healthy again with dental fillings for cavities. At our Davidson dentist office, we are pleased to offer composite (tooth-colored) fillings as well as amalgam (silver) filling removal and replacement. Our composite resin fillings blend right in with your natural tooth color and will keep your tooth clean and safe from future infection.

Porcelain Veneers: Dental veneers cover the surface of a tooth with a beautiful, custom-crafted layer of dental porcelain. This layer restores the appearance and structural integrity of any teeth that have suffered minor damage. They even can be color-matched to the exact shade you want.
Learn More About Dental Veneers

Dental Crowns: Dental crowns are a custom-crafted synthetic cap for your tooth. They are designed to replicate a natural crown in both looks and function. Crowns can be placed after a root canal, a severe cavity cleaning, during a bridge placement, and are even used to cap a dental implant. With a crown, you’ll be able to regain full bite force.
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Dental Implants: If a broken tooth or cracked tooth is severely damaged, it may be necessary to extract it completely. But don’t worry! We can completely replace this missing tooth with a durable, fully-functional synthetic implant. Your natural-looking new tooth will protect your jawbone as well as support your adjacent teeth, and it can do all that without the need for specialized maintenance or upkeep.
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We are proud to offer digital dental impressions to our patients to improve the comfort, accuracy & efficiency of their care. Whether we’re repairing your smile or making cosmetic improvements, digital impressions are the latest technology for streamlining the process, making it easier for both our patients & our dental team.

Traditional impressions are particularly uncomfortable for patients with a very sensitive gag reflex. Gagging while taking dental impressions was not just a problem for the patient, either. Not being able to hold still as a result of gagging could shift the impression tray & make the mold less accurate.

What Is A Digital Impression?

Digital impressions are taken using an intraoral scanner that creates a detailed 3-D image of your mouth. The scanner is small enough that it fits on the end of a wand. It looks like the tool we use to polish your teeth, only bigger. We take the scan by systematically moving the wand around your mouth as it emits a specialized scanning light. The images of your mouth can be viewed on a computer screen within seconds, to be viewed by both you & the dentist. Digital impressions are used in restorative dentistry to create tooth replacements, such as crowns and bridges. Digital impressions can also be used in dental implant procedures, both for planning implant placement & to create a surgical guide that ensures accurate placement of implants on the day of the operation. The accuracy of digital impressions is equivalent to traditional impressions & evidence suggests it may be even more accurate. Because we can see the 3-D model of your mouth immediately, we will know right away if any section of it doesn’t look right, & we can re-scan you quickly right away, without having to ask you to come back in later as with traditional impressions.

Schedule a Restorative Dentistry Appointment in Davidson, NC

If you need a filling for a cavity or relief from a chipped, broken, or damaged tooth, contact our office for restorative dentistry right away. We’ve improved the smiles of those with damaged or missing teeth from throughout the Mooresville, Cornelius, and Davidson, NC area!

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