What Our Patients Say

Mooresville Dentist Patient Testimonials

Jennifer’s Story

“I went to Dental Assisting school and a friend of mine that worked for him and when I was looking for a job she sent me his information and you know working behind the scenes you get to learn more about them what they’re like how they treat their patients. I got to assist with him in procedures and he was just…I learned that he was just great. I had smaller laterals which are the two teeth besides your two front teeth and my jaw was also recessed. So I had to have jaw surgery and then when they got done with that there still wasn’t quite enough space for my job to come forward so they had to make my laterals a little bit bigger and so that’s when dr. Coleman did my veneers and I mean I’m very pleased with the outcome. They look real and people can’t tell. He did a fantastic job with them. He’s just awesome. There’s nobody quite like him.”

Marsha’s Story

“I’m Marcia Webster and I’ve been coming to Dr. Coleman’s office for a little over a year. I had an injury from an accident that really destroyed one of my front teeth and I was in sort of a panic needing to get into a dentist. My dental anxiety was through the roof. So I was a pretty scared person when I walked in here. He was so calm with me and understanding about my fear and my concerns about pain. Mouth pain is not anything pleasant and, because I had that injury, there was a lot that was going to have to be done in my mouth. And so he just very slowly and methodically worked with me as did the rest of the staff to help me overcome some of the anxiety. It’s a good feeling to know that I’m being taken care of by people who seem to genuinely understand. They become friends.”

Paula’s Story

“My name is Paula leach I’ve been coming to Dr. Coleman for a couple of years. I was in the middle of a procedure and it was not going well. I was in a good deal of pain and so it was important that I’ve found somebody that I’ve trusted to complete that procedure. So it was not really a situation where I could come in and get to know him and have him teeth cleaned a few times and you know I was already doing something important and so I wanted to make sure it was somebody that I felt was qualified. So starting with a referral from the oral surgeon gave me comfort and then after meeting him and his staff and I was certain that I’d made the right decision. It involved a couple of times he had to come in maybe even late at night on a weekend to do something and I always felt comfortable that if I needed to me would be there. He was able to stop the pain you have confidence that he cares about what he’s doing and he doesn’t just come to work and check out at the end of the day. I think he really enjoys his work.”
Dr. Dennis Coleman and staff are the most delightful and professional group I have ever had the pleasure to meet and work with. Everyone is competent and friendly and the workmanship is top notch. It has been a pleasure working with each person and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Again, thank you so much.

Walley, actual patient of Davidson dentist Dr. Dennis Coleman


Dr. Coleman was able to fix my front tooth and change my life. I lost my front tooth as a teenager from a sporting accident and was very worried about the future of my smile. I have a very wide smile and you can see all of my teeth. It was very important for me to have a natural looking tooth. I am so happy with the way my tooth looks. Dr. Coleman has given me a new appreciation for the dental field and having quality care, which is why I chose to work for him.

Andrea, had her front tooth fixed by Davidson dentist Dr. Dennis Coleman


The staff in Dr. Coleman’s office are warm and responsive which makes all contact including follow-up easy and comfortable. You are made to feel like part of a family. As a result of an accident, I lost two front teeth. Dr. Coleman found a way to immediately put in temporary replacements so I could return to work without embarrassment. He then constructed a bridge that not only solved the problem of the missing teeth, but improved the appearance of my smile. I have since received compliments on my teeth. This was a real accomplishment considering the damage done in the accident.

Grace lost two front teeth that Davidson dentist Dr. Dennis Coleman was able to fix with a dental bridge.


The restorative work that Dr. Coleman has done on my teeth has given me back my confidence! The results are terrific and I have received many compliments from my friends and family in how much improved my smile is! Your staff is caring and professional and your associates are well trained. And the follow-up phone calls to check on my well-being was very much appreciated. Dr. Coleman is a perfectionist and its carries through in his work.

Lynn from Mooresville had restorative dentistry work performed on her teeth.


"As always, Dr. Coleman and his very competent, cheerful staff were right on time; there was no wait past my appointment time, and we finished exactly on schedule. HIs dental hygienists in particular are top-notch. Dr. Coleman has done all my dental work during the seven years since my arrival in Davidson, and in that time has upgraded my dental health very substantially. Dr. Coleman develops warm relationships with his patients; any evening after significant dental work, I'll get a call from Dr. Coleman to see how I'm doing. He stays very current with state of the art technology and employs it expertly."

- Edmund B.

"Dr. Coleman has been my dentist since I moved to Davidson two years ago. Everyone in his office is very friendly and professional. I was impressed when Dr. Coleman called me the night after doing some dental work for me to ask how I was feeling and if I had any additional questions. I would definitely recommend Dr. Coleman to anyone in the area looking for a dentist."

- Dave G.

"Dr. Coleman and his team are friendly, professional, and truly care about their patients. When I moved to Cornelius 3 years ago, I had just started some major dental work and needed to find a new dentist. From the start Dr. Coleman and his staff were great to work with. The treatment I've received has been excellent and the work Dr. Coleman did has made a big difference in my health and confidence. I highly recommend Dr. Coleman and his team and have referred several people to the practice."

– Katie Ryan L.

"After being really concerned about a crown I needed, they made me feel calm and took their time with me. Also, so impressed that Dr. Coleman called in the evening after the procedure to check on me. Undoubtedly one of the best..."
"My experience here has been fantastic. My dental hygienist Kellie has always done a great job and has been super careful around the sensitive areas in my mouth and made sure I was comfortable during the cleaning process. I don’t hate going to the dentist anymore because of how good she is at keeping the cleaning process pain free."
"I’ve benefited from excellent dental care at Dennis Coleman DDS during the last 10 years! Dr. Coleman, his hygienists, and staff members are all first rate. They’ve addressed all my dental issues thoroughly. Kellie, my hygienist, is unsurpassed in her knowledge, ability, and helpfulness. Their approach to gum and tooth care have kept both my teeth and gums in excellent health, and I recommend them without reservation!"
"Dr. Coleman and his team are awesome! I've been visiting his office for over two years now and everyone is always so pleasant, professional, caring, and dedicated to their patients. Today I spent just 3 hours with Dr. Coleman and his team as they performed a root canal, tooth extraction, and installation of a temporary bridge. I am FLOORED by the results even at this beginning stage of the process - I couldn't be any happier! I'm so thrilled to have my smile back. Thank you all so much for your good work and see you again soon!"
"My husband and I have trusted Dr. Coleman with our smiles for many years now. His staff is always warm and welcoming. Recently I had to undergo getting veneers for my front teeth...the enamel was wearing very thin to the point that we were concerned of breakage. Dr. Coleman was very thorough during the entire process - from explaining what would be involved, to the placement of the temporary veneers, to the final placement of the permanent veneers. They look and feel like MY teeth, which was of utmost importance to me. I would highly recommend Dr. Coleman for any general or cosmetic dentistry needs. You will be very happy with your results!"
"I had recently relocated from Las Vegas and my dentist of 20 years. A few weeks after I moved to Charlotte, a crown of mine, popped off. My brother raved about his dentist and within an hour they were able to see me. When I sold my home in Las Vegas, I was able to financially and mentally get dental implants. It’s a huge undertaking. My brother’s dentist recommended Dr Coleman as she didn’t specialize in Implants. She told me that Dr Coleman’s passion and expertise was in dental implants and that I wouldn’t be sorry if I chose him. Man, was she right. When I arrived for my first appointment, the front staff treated me like a rock star. Dr Coleman’s entire office has been there a long time. I saw flowers to my hygienist on her workaversary .A few weeks ago another gal had a beautiful arrangement for her 19th years of service. To me, the way any front desk person presents themselves is a reflection of the dentist and his practice. No exception here. I promise you’ll be in good hands!!"