TMJ Treatment

Diagram of TMJ related pain that can be alleviated with TMJ treatment in Davidson NC.
What is TMJ disorder? Temporomandibular joint disorders are a family of problems related to your complex jaw joint. Symptoms occur when the joints and muscles don’t work together in harmony, and instead cause pain and dysfunction.

TMJ pain or TMD can stem from arthritis, physical trauma, teeth grinding, stress, or a bad bite. Detection and TMJ treatment are important so that you can get back to a more comfortable lifestyle.

TMJ stands for “temporomandibular joint,” or the joint that is located on either side of the head that connects the jaw to the rest of the skull. Dr. Coleman can analyze your specific TMJ case and provide attention catered to your needs.

Are you suffering from TMD?

If you believe you may need TMJ treatment, ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Do you notice that you grind or clench your teeth?
  2. Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed? (Stress often leads to tooth grinding or clenching)
  3. Are you looking for headache relief?
  4. Does your jaw click, pop, or lock?
  5. Is it uncomfortable to chew or open your mouth?
  6. Has your bite changed over time?
  7. Are your teeth loose, sensitive, broken, or worn down?
  8. Do you have sore or stiff muscles in your jaw or face?

Patients suffering from facial pain or daily headaches can turn to Dr. Coleman for reliable TMJ treatment. You deserve headache relief so you can stay focused and pain-free.

TMJ Treatment Options and Headache Relief

Dr. Coleman can use a variety of treatments to improve the function of your jaw. He will conduct an analysis to diagnose your TMD and then proceed with the proper course of treatment.

The goals are to soothe muscle spasms, joint pain, and all the symptoms that come along with TMD. We want to relax the joints and establish a more efficient system in the jaw.

A TMD splint will hold your jaw in its optimal position for comfort and functionality. It will give your tired muscles a break and provide TMJ symptom and headache relief. Over time, we hope to get your jaw to sit and work correctly even without the splint.

Bite adjustment can also be used to relieve stress on the joints. By placing a few crowns or tweaking a few teeth, we can make a significant change in the way your smile works. Medications and home care methods can also be discussed.

Get Headache Relief with TMJ Treatment in Davidson, NC

If you’re experiencing TMD related symptoms, schedule a visit to our office so we can help determine if TMD is causing your symptoms. Simply call our office or fill out the contact form on this page. We look forward to serving you with high-quality care and resolving your TMD problems permanently!



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