Root Canals

Root Canal Therapy in Davidson NC

Mooresville woman with toothache can smile again thanks to root canal therapy in Davidson.

Find Toothache Relief with Root Canal Therapy

In the center of every tooth, there is a pulp chamber filled with living connective tissue. Nerves travel to this pulp chamber using tiny passages in the tooth’s roots. These root passages are called canals.

If a tooth infection reaches these nerves, it can cause a chronic toothache that makes day-to-day activities difficult. Root canal therapy allows us to clean out that infection and save any remaining tooth structure before a tooth abscess forms and causes even more pain.

Luckily for patients throughout the Davidson, Mooresville, and Cornelius areas, Dr. Dennis Coleman provides root canals for those in need.

The Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

  • Protect Your Teeth | If one tooth becomes infected, that infection can spread to other teeth. Root canal therapy gets rid of harmful decay, which keeps it from damaging any adjacent structures.
  • Protect Your Health | Inner tooth infections can travel to the bloodstream and potentially cause serious health problems. Root canal therapy sterilizes the damaged tooth and decreases those health risks.
  • Find Symptom Relief | By the time you require a root canal, it’s likely that you’ve been suffering from severe tooth pain. This pain makes even common activities in your daily life more difficult than they should be. Root canal therapy gets rid of the source of your pain so that you can find relief.

The Root Canal Procedure

Diagram of an infected tooth that can be fixed near Cornelius with a root canal.Root canals sound intimidating, but the truth is that they are a relatively straightforward procedure. In fact, they aren’t very much different than a standard cavity filling.

During a root canal, we enter through the top of the tooth, just like we do with a regular cavity. Then we use a long, flexible tool to clean out all of the infected tissue in the root canals.

Once it has been removed, the tooth is sterilized, medicated, and filled with a gentle, biocompatible material. We then cap the tooth structure with a beautiful porcelain crown. Our crowns are made using custom-crafted molds of your natural teeth so that they fit properly and look great.

Get a Root Canal for a Tooth Infection in Davidson, NC

If you’ve got a painful toothache, it might be a sign of canal infection. Don’t hesitate to call us at our office today and schedule an appointment. We help patients all around Mooresville, Cornelius, and Davidson get toothache relief with root canals.

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