Am I A Candidate for Dental Implants?

Many patients throughout Huntersville and Cornelius wonder if they are a candidate for teeth implants.When you’ve lost teeth, your first concern is to regain normal functions. While there are many solutions for missing teeth, dental implants are an excellent option. When teeth are damaged by decay or injury or fall out altogether, implant dentistry can restore daily activities such as eating and talking.

Teeth implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth, support a “bridge” that replaces several missing teeth, or support partial or full dentures. Our team would be happy to help you regain full tooth functioning and the confidence of a beautiful smile.

Tooth loss is common in older adults, but teeth implants are a great solution for any age! Call our office today to schedule a consultation and determine if dental implants are right for you!

There are some situations where implant dentistry is less effective, but even then, dental implants can still be a good solution for missing teeth. Our team can help you evaluate if teeth implants are the right answer for your missing teeth.

Implant dentistry offers proven solutions for missing teeth in Davidson, NC.Health concerns that can affect implant dentistry include:

  • Bone loss in the jaw. While bone loss can make placing implants more difficult, most people are still candidates for teeth implants.
  • Existing dental work, including dentures. Implant dentistry can actually be used to support dentures and make them more comfortable.
  • Medical conditions that require extra precautions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. If you are able to have routine dental work, you are also a candidate for dental implants.
  • Gum disease. Even teeth lost from periodontal disease can be replaced by dental implants.
  • Smoking. Though smoking can lower the effectiveness of implant dentistry, a consultation with Dr. Coleman will determine if implants are a good solution for you.

These conditions do not mean you cannot get dental implants, or that implant dentistry will be ineffective. Schedule a consultation with our office today to get back on track to fully-functioning teeth.