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General & Family Dentistry

53At our practice, you can get all of the general dentistry services you need for yourself and your loved ones in one place. We are a family dentist that treats patients of every age and background. Dr. Coleman and his staff strive to provide dental services that promote long-lasting dental health and overall wellness for each patient. We believe that the key to great dental health is to prevent dental problems. Our general and family dentistry services are tailored to reduce dental health risks, and help you enjoy a lifetime of beautiful, natural teeth.

Digital X-rays and Checkups | Preventative care starts with frequent digital x-rays and dental checkups. By performing a digital x-ray and checkup every six months, we can detect dental problems at their earliest stage when they are the easiest to treat. Regular checkups allow your dentist to get to know your smile, and provide more personalized treatment.

63Professional Dental Cleanings | Our professional teeth cleanings play a pivotal role in your oral health and maintenance. Regular appointments with a dental hygienist keep smiles fresh and prevent plaque or tartar buildup. Decrease your cavity risk by scheduling a cleaning appointment every six months.

Periodontal Treatment | Gum disease can lead to tooth loss if left untreated, but with periodontal disease treatment from Dr. Coleman, you can have healthy, beautiful gums again. Periodontal treatment gets rid of harmful bacteria, and prevents serious health problems.

Oral Cancer Screenings | At our practice, we provide annual oral cancer screenings. Our oral cancer screenings can put patients at ease and provide greater health security. The earlier oral cancer is detected, the higher chance a patient has for successful treatment.

We are more than happy to coordinate family appointments for your convenience. To schedule an appointment with us, call us at our office today.

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